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OAK Computer Systems
 provides a full range of services to support the customer

Supporting INCONTROL products

Installing Planning Activation and Upgrades
Product Customizing (User exits, Adjustments, Etc.)
Training (Systems and Production personnel)
Product Implementation
Migrations from any product to CONTROL products
Auditing of existing implementation (Tuning, Improvements, Optimization, Etc.)


Intranet and Internet services

Customer Need Analysis.
Detailed Strategy Plan for website design and application integration.
Training & assimilation support
Service and maintenance

Installation planning and Activation

OAK professional technicians provide all that's necessary when it comes to first time installation by proper installation planing. Its better safe than sorry.

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With the many exit points that are provided as a standard feature of New Dimension products, it is possible to customize the products either from a functional standpoint or from a security standpoint to meet the specific needs of your organization.

OAK professionals can assist you by working with your staff to determine your exact requirements and then to ensure that the appropriate product and security exits are implemented and meet these requirements.

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Your New Dimension local representative provides the initial basic product training with the purchase of their products.

OAK's professionals provides both basic and advanced training. These trainings include additional classes that may be required on top of the standard initial training, as well as training on new product releases.

OAK provides high quality instructors.

Training sessions may be fully customized to meet your specific needs.

Training classes may be at your own location to minimize costs.

OAK education staff provides high quality training at all levels.

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OAK's Professional Services can help ensure your return on investment. OAK's Professional Services can help in achieving the success of your automation project, by working as part of your implementation team. OAK's Professional Services can help you to meet the deadlines you promised, and to ensure that the New Dimension product is implemented in the best possible way.

OAK Professional Services staff are experts in all areas of data center automation. Having OAK professionals working with your staff can often save much time and enhance the knowledge of your teams.

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Many organizations are buying New Dimension's CONTROL products after having used similar products of other vendors.

Migrating to a new product is not an easy task. The provided migration tools may require adaptation to local standards, minimizing the downtime is critical! Expertise is essential!

OAK Professional Services specialists will ensure a simple and quick transition to the new CONTROL product. OAKs' staff, with theirs profound experience in implementations and migrations, will exercise the highest competence to achieve a successful migration.

OAK can quickly get you up and running in production with your new CONTROL product. OAK will migrate you from any product to CONTROL products.

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Product auditing is another area where Oak's Professional Services can often make a big difference. We will come to your site and work with members of your staff to determine whether your organization is using New Dimension's products in the best possible way. A written report will be handed to you that outlines what can (and should) be done to maximize the efficiency of the product, so you can obtain a higher level of automation and better value from your investment.

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