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17 July 2007

OAK is happy to announce that we are now representing Maas High Tech Software GmbH in Israel. Maas is the owner of the transformation tool AFP2WEB that transforms and delivers AFP documents to Web browsers, to document archives, via Fax, or to any other system. For more information on AFP2WEB click here..

15 January 2006

OAK has completed a successful conversion of 6 years of archives from IBM VisualInfo to Control-D. The entire conversion of about 15 Million scanned documents took just under two months to fully complete. The documents were stored as AFP in OAM storage and were transformed to TIFF documents while being converted into Control-D. The project took place at a major Bank in Sweden.

12 October 2005

OAK has completed the development of an Automatic Conversion Tool to migrate archived data from IBM VisualInfo to BMC Control-D Output Management System. The Automatic Tool is designed as a full automatic tool that moves the archives to Control-D while triggering Decollating Missions to process the migrated data.

22 April 2002
OAK is proud to present a new way to access documents over the Internet. The Internet Document Viewing is a new product. It uses the BMC Page On Demand API Toolkit® to bring documents stored on the Mainframe to the end users Internet browser. More info...
15 January 2002
New Migration tool from IBM's IAF/OAM to Control-D. This easy to use migration tool allows fast and easy migration of all historical data stored on OAM devices to be moved to Control-D. Please contact us for more information.
12 May 2001
New Control-SA RSS: NIS NetGroup Support. This new feature expands the Control-SA standard support for NIS. Using this new feature provides full support for NIS.
24 June 1999
New Control-D feature: Printing of Record Level Index while eliminating the non-relevant lines.
This solution allows the print of a single index value, retaining the heading, but eliminating all lines not belonging to the requested index value.
15 May 1998
A new Control-D feature: Automatic Production Log. The easy way to have your daily production control log. Easily locate any inportant message from your production jobs.
Using easy rules, define the messages you want to be collected to a central log file. If your Control-D decollates your production jobs message class, this new feature enables easy collection of all special messages.
14 May 1998
A new product!  -  Enterprise Report Catalog. Maintain samples of your production reports. Automatically collects and delivers a catalog of every report ever printed or viewed.
ERC is a self contained self maintained product that provides Control-D/V users with a comprehensive catalog of all the reports going through Control-D.
12 Feb. 1998
A new cool feature for Control-D/V! Great productivity improvement for Control-D/V online users!!
Allow end users easy access to on-line viewing by grouping reports for viewing. The user specifies a special group name in the report field and all reports belonging to the group are displayed.
1 Nov 1997
A new interface!!
View the job's sysout under Control-M or ECS directly from Control-D.
The three file sysout viewing limitation is now lifted, press option 3.V in Control-M and the entire MSGCLASS is retrieved from Control-D.
10 July 1997
OAK released a new web site for ALON - Israel Oil Company at The web site offers information on ALON Company, gas station locations and a list of recommended travel plans in Israel. A hi level of data base integration technologies were utilized in this web site.
16 June 1997
OAK's Intra-Docs™ - A Document Management System was presented at the Internet-World convention held at Jerusalem, leading to high degree of attention and compliments. For more information look at our Intranet Applications section.
18 April 1997
OAK's Intra-Docs™ - A Document Management System was installed at Bank Leumi Le Israel, the leading bank in Israel. For more information look at our Intranet Applications section.
28 Mar 1997
OAK's Control-M Automatic Tape Resource Setup feature gains momentum with new customers. Check it out in the Control Products section.
3 Dec 1996
Great!! If you are using Control-D to archive your jobs' MSGCLASS and you also use IBM OPC/ESA, you can now have the two products fully working together!
OPC/ESA is NOW able to retrieve the output from Control-D automatically.
15 Oct 1996
An interface is now available between CONTROL-V and IBM's IAFC/OAM optical output management. This new interface allows for clean migration from IAFC/OAM to CONTROL-V while retaining the on-line viewing capabilities of the historical reports accumulated over the years.
3 Aug 1996
The first company to receive the official New Dimension approval as a certified

Approved Professional Services Provider

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