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Intrenet Products

OAK develops and supports Internet websites utilizing advanced technologies such as Active-X, Javascript and Database integration using Adobe ColdFusion™.

OAK provides a complete Internet Presence package. Beginning with customer need analysis through a detailed strategy plan for publishing the website, building effective and attractive pages and finally getting the most attention and attraction to it.

OAK Internet Websites include

Dynamic content pages (text & image).
Sophisticated form validation and processing.
Data manipulation of external databases.
Fully integrated Web pages with any ODBC compliant relational database.
Use Web pages and HTML forms to insert, update and delete records.
Query databases and dynamically generate HTML pages with the query results.
Automatic generation of e-mail messages.
SMTP server integration - Dynamically build and send e-mail messages.
File management - Upload files to the Web server through HTML forms.
Work with any major Web server through CGI or a standard API .
The server API provides unparalleled performance.


If you are tired of those other static pages with fixed text and images and would like a web site you cannot only publish but collect information in order to get the most of your investment
Contact OAK for your perfect web site - TODAY

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